All About Corks
I just finished reading what is written on the back of my book that I wrote five years ago.
I love corks so much.
Whenever I pop open a bottle of wine, I write on the cork the date that I drank it and why. They hold a special memory. They were part of an experience that meant something to me...

Well...if I was to write on the cork today it would be...Monday, me, watching The Voice.

Anyway, I used to only drink wine on special occasions but I realized wine can make any occasion special!
But to say why I wrote this book or still do the crafts with the corks is simple, it was and still is fun. 

The inspiration for this book was my love for wine combined with arts and crafts. When I had enough corks saved to make something with them there was not a “how to” craft book to guide me anywhere. So, I thought, I will write one.

If you love wine and have your own stash of corks, this is the book for you. You will be surprised at how easy it is to turn your used corks into great arts and crafts.

Buy a copy today, Amazon or Barnes and Nobles
All About Corks, What Are You Doing With All Those Corks?

By Christel Ferguson
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